Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Simply Smashing!

Tank Turlington, also known as the British Bombshell, is a professional wrestler known for his John Bull-inspired costume and the endless parade of arm candy he shows off in the tabloids. The Secret Service believes him to be not only a meta-human, born with super powers, but also the director of SMASH, the Secret Mobilization Against Super Heroes, a criminal organization dedicated to removing the super heroic threat to their way of life.

Unfortunately, the Secret Service has missed the mark. The British Bombshell is merely the bodyguard of the organization’s leader, a woman with the ability to change her appearance at will. This woman, called Prima Donna by those few who know of her, masquerades as Turlington’s “endless parade of arm candy” while overseeing the many cells of SMASH that have been set up all over the world.

No post tomorrow - my company is hosting our annual golf tournament for children's charities here in Southern Nevada. We've raised over $2 million over the past decade. It's always fun, but I'll be far from the computer most of the day (which is not a bad thing) and dead on my feet when I get home.

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