Friday, May 20, 2011

Deviant Friday - Hito76 Edition

No post yesterday - I was tracking a big property auction here in Nevada - so I'm making up for it today with a few posts. We start with Deviant Friday, this one highlighting Hito76. When I was in junior high (Go Cannon Cardinals!), it came down that we were going to have to read Cyrano de Bergerac (and watch the movie) in English class. At the time, I was very into AD&D - heck, a friend who sat in front of me in class would prop open his briefcase (yes, every geek stereotype in the book) and work on dungeons) - but I was not into the whole feathered hats and thin swords thing. Not at all. And then, thankfully, I delved into the play, watched the movie, and discovered an immense love for feathered hats, thin swords, poetry and swagger deep inside me. Had I seen the art of Hito, I wouldn't have waited so long. Enjoy - and a couple are probably NSFW, so beware!

The Thief


Karelle Wallpaper


Alexandre de Salviniac

Elise de Beauharnais

Frederic Lasserre

Gabriel Doligny


Jaia Berserker


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