Friday, May 20, 2011

Krime, Italian Style

I was perusing Super Punch this morning when I came across of a skull-faced gentleman called Kriminal. Having never heard of him, I checked him out on Wikipedia and one thing led to another. Here, for your edification and enjoyment are three Italian anti-hero/villains from the mid 1960s.

Created by Angela and Luciana Giussani in 1962

Diabolik is a master thief who mostly steals from criminals. He is not averse to killing, but rarely kills innocents or the police. Well versed in chemistry, mechanics and computers, he has a collection of life-like masks that allow him to adopt any identity. Diabolik was raised on a secret island by a criminal combine, the head of which he killed when he reached maturity. He is assisted by his partner and lover Eva Kant. The two live in the tiny kingdom of Clerville, the capitol of which is also Clerville. His arch enemy is Inspector Ginko.

Created 1964 by Magnus and Max Bunker

Anthony Logan is an Englishman, a master thief who wears a costume of black and yellow and a skull mask. Early in his career he is a brutal killer seeking vengeance against the criminals that pushed his father into committing suicide. He was raised in a reformatory, having lost his mother and sister when he was quite young, and eventually escaped from the place to pursue his revenge. Logan is assisted by Lola Hudson, ex-wife of his greatest rival, Inspector Patrick Milton of Scotland Yard.

Created by Max Bunker and Magnus, 1964

Satanik is a skilled chemist named Marny Bannister whose face is marred by an angioma. Following the theories of a mad alchemist, she develops a formula that transforms her into a charming beauty that has the side effect of making her a murderous criminal mastermind. She is hunted by Lt. Trent, whose companion she had killed. She eventually becomes engaged to marry black private detective Kriss Hunter.


  1. Oh my, this post looks pretty weird! I remember reading those comics at the beach when I was 10 or so :D

  2. If you like comics and science fiction - and understand italian- have a look around for two masterpieces by Magnus:
    "Milady nel 3000"
    and "I Banditi" (saddly unfinished sci-fi rendition of the "outlaws of the water-margin")


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