Thursday, December 29, 2011

NOD 12 - Just in time for 2011!

NOD 12 is ready to go. You can buy the electronic version HERE now - I'll put the print version up for sale as soon as I get a proof copy and make sure it isn't totally screwed up. What do you get in 144 pages?

Welcome Back to Hell - The southern portion of the Glooms, Acheron and the first two rings of Hell.

Pandaemonium V - Stats for Asmodee, Barbatos and Naamah.

Deep Denizens II - Drow, duergar, notac-ichat and svirfneblin as playable races. Art by Jon Kaufman.

The Gourmand - The PC class that takes a bite out of ... no - I can't do that bit here.

Exotic Dining - Random tables for generating bizarre feasts.

Hero vs. Villain - A new article series that presents one original villain and one rejuvenated Golden Age hero for Mystery Men! This inaugural article presents the villainous Shatter and the heroic Madame Strange. Art by Stefan Grambart.

Mutant Truckers - A mini-game using Target 10 depicting the highways of post-apocalyptic America and the truckers who drive them. Art by Bradley K. McDevitt and Chris Huth.

Hope everyone enjoys it. The projects up ahead for me - today I try to finish putting together a glimpse of the next hex crawl, the savannah of Pwenet and jungle of Cush, for Fight On! because I've owed them an article for the better part of a year and because part of it might relate to a project somebody else is writing for Frog God Games set in NOD (blows my mind).

The weekend will be spent converting a few more levels of Rappan Athuk to Swords and Wizardry. After that, my focus is on NOD 13, Blood and Treasure and Space Princess.

So little to do, so much time. Wait - scratch that and reverse it.


  1. Sounds like another great issue!

  2. Can't wait to add the print edition to my library! Matt, have you considered a separate supplement collating all your fascinating new character-class suggestions? I know I'd buy it - just to have them all in one volume would be very handy ;)

  3. I have thought about some collections - just wasn't sure if there would be a market for it since most of them have appeared elsewhere.

  4. Ditto what Tim said! I'd buy it too.


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