Friday, February 24, 2012

For the Apocalypse Lover in You

Two links for the Mutant Futurists amongst you ...


What would happen if your hometown was hit by an atomic bomb (or ICBM, if you prefer)? This is the site to find out. Pick the place and pick the yield, and let GoogleMaps do the rest. Also useful for dirty bomb-using terrorists in an Action X or Mystery Men! game.

Would have been very handy when I was doing Mutant Truckers.


This blog is all about images from the atomic age - lots of good material here. In particular, Mutant Futurists might like the plans to the missile base!

I've already found a few images there that will come in very handy when I produce Action X - in fact, some of the public domain finds I've acquired recently should make that a pretty groovy little product. Expect some previews in the coming months ...


Most post-atomic war apocalypse games assume a higher level of technology from the ruined civilization of the past. How many use the wondrous technologies of the "retro-future" I wonder? Here are some images to inspire you, from an article at UltraSwank.

And check out this public domain film while you're at it ...


  1. I love this whole post, especially the 50s style atomic era stuff.

    Great post.

    1. Thank you sir! I think a post-apocalypse based on a retro-future would be pretty keen.


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