Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Random Idol Generator

Need a quick and (moderately) interesting idol for that forgotten temple? How about this ...

Size (d8)
1. Tiny (1-ft. tall)
2. Small (3-ft. tall)
3-6. Medium (6 to 9 ft. tall)
7. Large (12 to 15 ft. tall)
8. Huge (20+ ft. tall)

Gender (d6)
1-2. Male
3-4. Female
5. Androgynous
6. Genderless

Head/Face (2d8)
2. Animal head
3. Ball of darkness
4. Ball of light
5. Beautiful
6. Bulbous (over-large)
7. Double faced (per Janus) or multi-headed (1d8+1 heads)
8. Grotesque
9. Handsome
10. Inverse pyramid
11. Long and narrow
12. Monstrous (angel, demon, dragon, medusa, etc.)
13. None (either chopped off (50% chance holding own head in hand) or never there)
14. Pinhead
15. Square
16. Wrinkled/aged

Eyes (2d8)
2. Blazing
3. Blindfolded
4. Cast light in beams
5. Closed
6. Cold and appraising
7. Faceted like an insect
8. Gems (1d6 x 100 gp each)
9. Gouged out
10. Jewels (1d6 x 1,000 gp each)
11. Joyful
12. Large and soft
13. Mournful
14. Multiple (d6)
1-3. Third eye in center of forehead
4-5. Four eyes (stacked)
6. Nine eyes radiating around head
15. Suspicious
16. Voids

Mouth (2d8)
2. Absent (i.e. no mouth)
3. Alluring
4. Beak or snout
5. Contorted with rage
6. Fanged
7. Grimace of pain
8. Muffled (hand clamped over it or bound by cloth)
9. Open wide in full-throated song or scream
10. Shy grin
11. Slit
12. Sly smile
13. Stoic and noble
14. Tongue sticking out
15. Toothless
16. Tusked

Position/Body (d12)
1. Animal (random animal or monster)
2. Dancing
3. Dying or sleeping
4. Enthroned
5. Hovering horizontally (face up or face down)
6. Kneeling
7. Locked in battle (with random monster)
8. Lotus position
9. Reclining
10. Running
11. Standing
12. Upon a mount (random animal or monster)

Features (d100)
01-02. Adorned with jewelry
03-05. Adorned with silks
06-07. Animated (per closest golem)
08-10. Beneath a waterfall
11-12. Carrying book or tome (1% chance of magic book, 10% chance of spellbook)
13-14. Carrying globe (1% chance of crystal ball)
15-17. Carrying instrument
18-19. Carrying lightning bolt (1% chance of javelin of lightning)
20-21. Carrying regalia
22-23. Carrying tool
24-25. Carrying weapon (1% chance of magic weapon)
26-27. Covered in chains or ropes
28-29. Covered in sheen or stains (blood, dung, holy oil, slime, wine)
30-31. Darkness, 10-ft. radius
32-34. Draped in garlands of flowers or herbs
35-36. Encased in ice or crystal
37-38. Energy drain (drains 1d3 levels when touched by wrong alignment)
39-41. Engraved or tattooed (10% chance of glyph of warding)
42-43. Ethereal
44-45. Fires beams of energy at unbelievers (as 10 HD monster, 6d6 damage)
46-48. Furry or hairy
49-51. Hollow (filled with fire, occupied by priest, etc.)
52-53. Long neck
54-55. Magic mouth (chants, screams, speaks)
56-57. Magic portal (opens gate or teleports people or sends them into Astral Plane)
58-60. Multiple arms (1d4 x 3)
61-62. Overgrown with fungus
63-64. Overgrown with vines
65-66. Oversized genitalia
67-69. Painted realistically
70-71. Scaled
72-73. Surrounded by aura of light
74-76. Surrounded by chained animals (lions, bears, etc.)
77-79. Surrounded by chained slaves or penitents
80-81. Surrounded by magic circle (random alignment)
82-83. Surrounded by magical music (1% chance of uncontrollable dancing)
84-85. Surrounded by moat (acid, alligators or piranha, bottomless pit, lava, molten metal, oil, ooze, perfume, portal into other world, spikes, water (holy or unholy), wine or spirits)
86-88. Surrounded by offerings
89-90. Surrounded by plumes of flame
91-92. Surrounded by spirits (ghosts, poltergeists, shadows, etc.)
93-94. Surrounded by vapors (laughing gas, narcotic, oracular, perfume, poison, stench)
95-97. Trapped with pit in front of it
98-99. Wearing armor (1% chance of magic armor)
100. Actual deity summoned when touched or spoken to

Material (d20)
1. Basalt
2. Granite
3. Marble
4. Porcelain/terracotta
5. Alabaster
6. Malachite
7. Porphyry
8. Obsidian
9. Iron/Steel
10. Bronze
11. Hepatizon
12. Brass
13. Copper
14. Silver (if large or huge, re-roll, taking this result if re-rolled)
15. Gold (if medium to huge, re-roll, taking this result if re-rolled)
16. Platinum (if small to huge, re-roll, taking this result if re-rolled)
17. Adamant (if small to huge, re-roll, taking this result if re-rolled)
18. Gemstone (if small to huge, re-roll, taking this result if re-rolled)
19. Light (holographic)
20. Flesh (via foul magic)

Metal idols have a 5% chance of being automatons in the classic sense of the word

How about some samples?

IDOL 1: A huge brass idol of a kneeling, androgynous figure. It's head is a ball of darkness and it holds aloft a crown.

IDOL 2: A large idol of a genderless figure with a head shaped like an inverse pyramid (i.e. narrow chin, top of head large and flat). It has cold, appraising eyes and its mouth is hidden by its left hand. The figure is mounted atop a rearing dragon and surrounded by plumes of flame. The entire idol is carved from basalt.

IDOL 3: This medium idol depicts a dying man with a grotesque face and a mouth like the snout of a bat. It has large, empathetic eyes and its hands are folded over its chest. The idol is carved from obsidian and is encased in a block of ice.


  1. Nice timing. I'm just stocking a dungeon and was wondering what sort of idol/statue to stick in a room :)

  2. Very cool; however, I wonder if you are aware of the probability curve when using the sum of multiple dice? With the 2d8s there's going to be a disproportionate amount of #9 results, and #2s and 16s are going to be quite rare in comparison.

  3. True true. I actually didn't plan it. If I can come up with five more results for each, I'll go to d20.

  4. This is great! Maybe there are too many variables, but it would be cool if you could boil it down to one throw of a handful of dice like this:

  5. Yeah, those one pagers are nice. Not sure I could do it with this.


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