Monday, February 20, 2012

Starman [Mystery Men!]

I just watched the public domain flick Atomic Rulers on Pub-D-Hub. It's a wonderful little dubbed Japanese film from 1965 about the superhero Starman. If you have an hour to kill and aren't allergic to old special effects, I highly suggest it - most entertaining! Oh - and don't be fooled by the intro music - you're not in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

Image found at Black Sun
Starman (known as Super Giant in Japan and Spaceman in France) is an android created by the Emerald Hierarchy (awesome name), who rule the Emerald Planet and do their best to keep the universe free of harmful radiation (yeah, apparently they're not too up on their physics - still, they mean well). He derives his powers from his android body and from his Globemeter, a device he wears on his wrist. He claims to be the friend of all children, a claim which may one day bring him into conflict with Gamera.

Adventurer Level 8

STR 10 (+3) | DEX 10 (+3) | CON 10 (+3) | INT 3 (+0) | WIL 4 (+1) | CHA 2 (+0)

HP 65 | DC 17 | SPD 2 | ATK +6 (+9 melee, +9 ranged)

Powers: Invulnerability III, Super Constitution +7, Super Dexterity +6, Super Strength +7

Gear: Globemeter (DC 16, 3d6 HP; Adapt Body (Space), Detect Radiation, Disguise, Flight, Understand Language)

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  1. I loved the Starman movie. Our Saturday afternoon Creature Feature would show this on occasion. One of the better Superhero movies of the time. Something about the way he flies sticks in my head but I can't quite remember what it was. I'll have to watch it on Pub-a-Dub.


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