Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crystar for Mystery Men! Swords & Sorcery

We've done the granddaddy of Swords and Sorcery - that Cimmerian guy - and his female counterpart - the red head. I delved into cartoons with She-Ra. Now to go into another character that mixes Swords, Sorcery and Superheroes ... Crystar.

Crystar was born when somebody got the idea to use see-through plastic to make toys. In the Saga of Crystar his origin involved demon lords, magic crystals and such. Ultimately, Crystar became a living, fighting gemstone with a sword. Really, the Sage has everything you need for a good S&S game - demon lords, Chaos War, a guy named Feldspar.

CRYSTAR, Adventurer 7 (Prince of Crystallium)
STR 16 (+8) | DEX 4 (+2) | CON 8 (+4) | INT 2 (+1) | WIL 5 (+2) | CHA 8 (+4)
HP 58 | DC 16 | ATK +6 (+14 melee, +8 ranged) | SPD 2 | XP 9,700

Ability Boosts: Str +10, Con +3, Cha +4

Powers: Adapt Body (Fire/Lava), Invulnerability II, Weapon Master (Longsword)

Gear: Longsword (Potent Attack; 1d8+11, can hit ethereal and incorporeal creatures), Shield (Shield)

Since I've got Crystar up there, I might as well stat up a couple similarly themed monsters.

LVL 2 | PH 4 | MN 3 | DC 17 | SPD 2 | XP 3300

Attacks: Burning fist (1d6 + 1d6 fire + save or catch fire)

Powers: Fiery Aura (30 ft. radius; save or 1d6 heat damage), Melt Metal Weapons (save to negate), Immune to Fire

LVL 6 | PH 5 | MN 3 | DC 21 | SPD 2 (Burrow) | XP 3700

Attacks: Sting (1d6)

Powers: Immune to Fire and Cold, Resistance to Electricity (50%), Animate Object (1 at a time, stone or crystal only), Energy Cone (Psionic Energy), Dimension Hop)


  1. Thank you so much for reminding me how much I loved Crystar! I had a few of the figures and some of the comics. It's been years since I even thought about the series/setting, but this brought back some great memories!

    Makes me wonder how many of my childhood favorites I've also temporarily forgotten about!

    BTW, did you ever see the very short-lived TV series Wizards and Warriors? Had some very cool elements in it.

    1. I am dimly aware of its existence, but I've never actually seen it. I think I saw a clip on youtube.

    2. Loved that show. For the entire twelve minutes that it was on the air...

      I always thought of that as the high-water mark of the early-80's fantasy craze. And no, the D&D cartoon doesn't count.

  2. We had to wait for the comic book to get any female characters... but write ups for the enchanting Ika and melancholy Ambara would be quite fine :)

  3. I remember being somewhat disappointed with the comic book series, but man, it had some awesome covers for its short existence.

  4. Dude, I had the castle when I was really, really little...I never did have any of the figures for it, but damn that castle was sweet.

  5. Awesome! I've always dug Crystar, and felt it was a concept that died before it could get fully developed.


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