Friday, May 11, 2012

Deviant Friday - Monsieur Fantasy Edition

Sir Jeremy Jumbles
I'm runnin' and gunnin' today trying to catch my breath after my company put on it's 17th annual Links for Life charity golf tournament at the historic (and very awesome) Las Vegas Country Club. It was an excellent day, money was made for local children's charities, and we're all exhausted. So please excuse the lack of posts for the last couple days, and please enjoy a bit of art (and an easy post for me) today.


How can you go wrong with a guy called Monsieur Fantasy?

John Patience does whimsical fantasy as well as anyone, and he's crackerjack at the craft of illustration as well. I love a bit of fairy tale in my fantasy - straight epic myth is just too much for me.

[The image that made me a fan. This would, by the way, make a tremendous magical trap for a dungeon. You sit in a chair, become magically fastened to it, and it animates and starts running you randomly through the dungeon.]

1 comment:

  1. I really like these. They've got a serious classic fairy tale vibe, plus a little Spiderwick-style Tony DiTerlizzi.


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