Friday, May 25, 2012

Deviant Friday - Moritat Edition

It's been a heck of a week and I'm as tired as a one-legged orc at flumph kicking contest. So, enjoy some art from Moritat, who is exceptionally skilled at drawing T&A and many other things (beautiful line work, incredible flow, great colors, etc). If T&A (Not Tunnels & Androids ... oh crap, I think I have a new idea for a game) is not your thing, please ignore this post. If T&A and excellent art are your bread and butter, though, please read on!

See, I wasn't lying.

1900-1920 is largely an undiscovered country in terms of gaming ... excellent period for full-throated ADVENTURE though.

This makes me think of old Conan, who left his throne to sail across the sea to undiscovered lands (and since there were already Native American pastiches lurking in the lands he knew, what on earth did he find there - perhaps Tolkien's elves? There's a campaign for you - barbarian adventurers sailing into the elven lands in the mysterious West ... which, if I'm honest, is my plan for the continent of Hybresail in NOD)

We'll end this trip into DeviantArt with a jungle queen we can all get behind *ahem*

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