Monday, May 28, 2012

Three New Undead ... Just Because

These critters popped into my head a few days ago, so I decided to give them some stats. Enjoy ...

Necromantic Masterpieces

Necromancers are often frustrated artists, and their desire to outdo their brethren is fierce. While the pedestrian necromancer is content with creating zombies, skeletons, ghouls and the like, the true artist labors on a unique creation and creates a manual to hide away for others to one day find.

Medium Undead, Chaotic (NE), Average Intelligence; Solitary (1)

Hit Dice: 5
Armor Class: 15 [4]
Attacks: 2 flailing fists (1d6) or gaze (see below)
Move: 30
Saves: Fort 13, Ref 13, Will 11
XP: 500 (CL 6)

A dame sans merci appears as a feminine skeleton wrapped in tight, black leather (sometimes studded with spikes) that has been padded (to create the curvaceous feminine shape) with a rare form of fungus cultivated by some death cults and wicked alchemists. The skeleton has onyx eyes.

The dame sans merci can focus its withering gaze on any one target within 30 feet. They target must pass a Will saving throw (save vs. magic) or be affected per the spell ray of enfeeblement. Once per day, it can breath a cone (15-ft long and 10-ft wide) of necromantic spores that play on a person's mind. Roll 1d4 and consult the table below:

1 = Fear
2 = Rage
3 = Confusion
4 = Despair

All within the cone must pass a Fortitude saving throw (or save vs. poison) or be affected by a random mind effect for 2d4 rounds.

Large Undead, Chaotic (CE), Low Intelligence; Gang (1d4)

Hit Dice: 8
Armor Class: 14 [5]
Attacks: 2 pincer (2d4)
Move: 30
Saves: Fort 10, Ref 11, Will 10
XP: 800 (CL 9)

Amputators are made by removing the hands from a dead gorilla and replacing them with large, metal pincers. Most of these gorilla corpses are shaved by the necromancer and covered with tattoos of magical glyphs - needless to say, amputators are rather horrifying.

When an amputator's pincer attack is a natural '20', the target suffers double damage and must pass a Fortitude saving throw (save vs. petrification) or have an arm twisted off. If the target is wearing armor, the armor first makes an item saving throw. If successful, the target's arm remains attached to their body. If the item saving throw fails, the armor is torn off the arm and the arm is now in danger of being torn off.

Small Undead, Chaotic (CE), Average Intelligence; Solitary (1)

Hit Dice: 6
Armor Class: 16 [3]
Attacks: Slam (1d4 + 1d4 cold) or scream (see below)
Move: Fly 30
Saves: Fort 13, Ref 12, Will 10
XP: 600 (CL 7)

Possibly the oddest of created undead, the full-throated screamer appears as three preserved heads encased in crystal spheres. The heads must have belonged to a fishwife, politician and braggart in life. They float within 5 feet of one another, and can slam into people or, once per day each, issue a terrible scream that affects all within 30 feet. Those within range of the scream must pass a Will saving throw (save vs. magic) or their lowest mental ability score (intelligence, wisdom or charisma) suffers 1d4 points of damage. If this score is reduced to half normal, the victim becomes either a mindless berserker (wisdom; per rage), babbling fool (intelligence; per feeblemind) or mad dancer (charisma; per irresistible dance).


  1. "appears as a feminine skeleton..."

    So no belle dame then?

    Great stuff!

  2. Really cool! Love the horrific pictures you painted. Good job sir.


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