Monday, May 7, 2012

What Would ______ Do? [Random]

Maybe you're running a game and you're just not sure how man-at-arms #5 would react to the thief's bribe. Maybe your a player who wants to mix things up a bit. Maybe you just like stupid random tables ...

Whatever you're doing, roll on this table when you want to ask yourself, "What would _______ do?"

Then do it.


1. Conan (Roll 1d3; 1 = Pulp Fantasy Conan; 2 = Comic Book Conan; 3 = Movie Conan)
2. Elric
3. Gandalf (Roll 1d6; 1-4 Grey; 5-6 White)
4. Bilbo
5. Grey Mouser
6. Lone Ranger
7. Cugel the Clever
8. Tarzan
9. Odysseus
10. Dejah Thoris
11. Red Sonja
12. The Mighty Thor
13. Prince Valiant
14. Solomon Kane
15. Legolas
16. Batman (Roll 1d8+1 x 10 for which decade's Batman you're talking about)
17. Randolph Carter
18. Obi Wan Kenobi
19. James T. Kirk (1 in 6 chance of "Mirror Mirror" Kirk)
20. Fu Manchu

Example: You're presented with a fortress you need to get into, for the king must be warned of an invading army and his major domo, who controls the guards, is working against him. How do you get into the fortress? Ask yourself, "What would [Roll 1d20; Get 6] the Lone Ranger Do?"

So, you disguise yourself as a kooky old miner and try to bluff your way past the guards. Problem solved!


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