Monday, July 9, 2012

Blood & Treasure Pregens

I received an email a week or so ago asking whether there would be an intro adventure for Blood & Treasure as well as some pre-generated characters. Short answer ... yes.

I was initially unsure about producing adventures for B&T. My intention was to make a game that could handle most adventures produced for everything from the original edition to Pathfinder (with more GM work on converting 3rd edition and Pathfinder than the classic D&D products). So, if just about every adventure ever written works, more or less, with B&T, why produce more outside of short adventures in issues of NOD? Well, honestly, because someone asked, and because it seemed like a decent freebie download for the game.

That being said, I'm now working on an intro adventure that will play off of the "sample play" bit in the rulebook. Kobolds, exiled bugbears, goblins, fungus, necromancers, etc. Your typical fare.

I'm also working on some pre-gen characters (see below) - I know, the equipment doesn't always match the art ... c'est la vie. I only bought weapons, armor and equipment required by the class - the players could spend the rest of the money on adventure supplies (a good time to learn about the importance of logistics!)


  1. One place it'd be easy to make the equipment match the art: Bashir is carrying a Rebec (or in Arabic, Rebab), not a Lute.

    1. Yeah, you caught me being lazy. I was finishing him up over lunch at work and couldn't remember the word. That is a change I will happily make!


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