Thursday, July 19, 2012

Codpiece of Power [Magic Item]

When attached to one's armor, the codpiece of power actually just sits there, doing nothing. No powers at all. The magic is in the satisfaction of kicking someone's ass while the codpiece of power stares at them with that smug look on its face.

That, or it permits the wearer to invoke the power of a potion of heroism once per day when facing a foe tougher than they are, or when outnumbered at least 3 to one.

Or maybe it can attack a foe per the lion shield (or shield of the lion, or whatever it's called)

Or once per day, when you rub it, it answers one question for you, per the augury spell.

Any other ideas what this puppy might do?

The image above, and the images in the past post, are by Wendelin Boeheim


  1. Intelligent opponents are subject to the despair effect of an emotion spell. NPCs that might be sexually interested in the PC are subject to the hope effect.

  2. enlarge spell once per day. Wearer may make a CON check to use the spell twice (or thrice) in a day.

  3. If the enlarge spell lasts longer than four turns, consult your local apothecary.


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