Saturday, July 28, 2012

Truth > Fiction Files: Giant Scale Worms

Saw this at Boing Boing today - a giant scale worm. 

Nasty little bugger, what? And is practically demands game stats. Of course, our version of giant is going to be GIANT!

Large Vermin, Neutral (N), Non-Intelligent; Bundle (1d6)

Hit Dice: 5
Armor Class: 14
Attacks: Bite (1d8)
Move: 20 (Climb 20)
Save: F 10, R 13, W 13
XP: 500 (CL 6)

Giant scale worms are aquatic monsters who sometimes crawl from the salty depths to harass ships traveling through shallow seas, or to attack people in fishing villages that have strayed too near the water's edge at night. When a giant scale worm finds prey, it shoots its jaws out at the end of its reversible throat, allowing it an extra 5-ft. reach. For those not practiced in fighting scale worms, this attack gains a +5 bonus to hit. The jaws are quite powerful, and are capable of crushing weapons and armor. Any time a giant scale worm's attack fails by no more than 2 points, the target must pass a Reflex save or the worm's attack is treated as a sundering attack against their equipment, in the following order: Shield, weapon, armor.  In systems without rules for sundering attack, simply force the target's equipment to pass an item saving throw, or the target to pass a save vs. paralyzation, or be destroyed.

Special Qualities: Blindsight, resistance to cold

Additional images found at Real Monstrosities

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  1. The fat, white one could be used as a NPC vendor of illicit goods in a Sci-Fi setting... - or a little gonzo fantasy setting, as well.


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