Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NOD 17 - Just in Time for Halloween!

It was a struggle today (embedding fonts in Adobe can be more frightening than a teenaged werewolf!) but NOD 17 is finally up for sale as a PDF!

Within it's 50 pages you will find ...

IXUM, City of the Savannah - a fantasy city on the savannah of Pwenet with over 60 locations.

36 MONSTERS OF DISTINCTION - If you've been following the blog this October, you know what to expect here - 36 Halloweeny monsters that are more than just a set of stats

DINOSAURS WITH A DIFFERENCE - A random table of modifications to make dinosaurs more memorable

IT'S THE MONSTER'S TURN - Four monstrous classes for Blood & Treasure - The Demon, the Devil, the Red Dragon and the Vampire. It ain't just humans who like to kill things and take their stuff!

BAR FIGHTS - The bar fight matrix (and an excellent illustration by Jon Kaufman)

A SKELETON FOR EVERY OCCASION - 18 skeletons to challenge characters of any level

QUEENS OF ELEMENTAL AIR - Radiant elemental queens from the Plane of Air

SWORDS, SORCERY AND MYSTERY MEN! - A short guide to running heroic fantasy adventures  using Mystery Men!

MEET THE MACABRES - A "mysterious and spooky" race for fantasy games.

Hope folks enjoy it! The print edition will be out as soon as I get my review copy - probably about 10 to 12 days.

NOD 18 in two months will complete 3 years of this little effort of mine - can't wait!


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