Friday, July 8, 2011

Altered States of America - Basic Map Finished

So, I got about 30% finished on this and then started all over - found a better method of translating the map into hexes. At this point, I need to fill in the ecosystems of Canada and Mexico, draw in the coasts, islands, lakes and rivers, maybe draw in some old trails, add in volcanoes (dormant and active) and then drop in all the settlements. So, you know - almost there.

After all of this work on the map (which if nothing else will aid me in producing maps for my Hex Crawl Chronicles for Frog God Games - on sale now!), I'll probably try to turn it into a game/campaign similar to the Space Princess project. Might call it "1800", "American Empires", or "Corps of Discovery". Don't know yet.

In the meantime, enjoy the scaled down map ...


  1. Questions:

    Is this still scaled at ~20mi per hex? (Followup: why did you pick that scale?)

    Are you going to fix up the coasts? The biggest problems I can see offhand are Massachusetts, New York, and the Puget Sound in Washington, but Lake Superior also seems off.

  2. I picked 20 mile hexes because anything smaller scale would just be too much to handle. And, like I said in the post, I still have to draw in the coasts.

  3. So you did. That's what I get for being attracted by the big shiny thing and not paying as much attention to the fiddly little words as I probably should have done.


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