Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mutant Truckers of the Polyester Road

I'm still working on my hex crawl for the next issue of NOD - it will feature the eastern half of Mu-Pan hex crawl first presented in NOD 8 - and was brainstorming on other articles I could include. Of course, the Chimera generator will show up, maybe with some refinements. Some magic items will pop in, I think, but I what I really wanted to do was feature another Campaign Sketchbook, like the one that has now morphed into 1800 - American Empires.

The most likely candidate was the Polyester Road post-apocalyptic notion I had a few months ago, but I couldn't come up with a satisfying hook and wasn't sure what I was going to do. And then, on the drive home yesterday, I happened to hear this ...

I started thinking, "You know, Shy Town and Shakeytown sound like names for cities in a game of Mutant Future ..." and then it all came together.

So - NOD 10 - Mutant Truckers of the Polyester Road. I'm envisioning a mini-game with quick character generation, a small list of mutations (and negative side effects), four classes (driver, mechanic, gunner and outrider), some equipment - mostly focusing on taking a century old big rig and equipping it for post-apocalyptic highways, some info on the surviving cities, buying and selling cargo, breaking the drive into "legs" with random events (break downs, gang attacks, bear patrols, freak storms) occurring on each leg, town encounters, etc. Hopefully will come together and be cool. I'll definitely need some artwork, though - of all the public domain artwork floating around the internet, I doubt there are many mutant truckers floating around out there.


  1. I can see what you are saying about the names of the towns. I think a setting of this kind would be great.

    Convoy is a great song. I remember the first time I heard it on the radio when it came out new. This is the first song that I can really remember ever hearing new on the radio. It has always held a special place for me. Maybe only for that reason but I am also a fan of songs that tell stories.

  2. I own C.W. McCall's entire catalog on vinyl (and converted MP3).

    So I am totally going to use your idea in some form or fashion.


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