Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Sunday Grab Bag

Back by popular demand ...

From the All Amazon Band Dept.

That chick needs Mystery Men! stats, stat!

From the Moderne, not Art Deco Dept.

Saw this poster in a Red Robin and had to hunt the image down.

From the National Faux Pas Dept.


From the Mutant Napoleonics Dept.

No - I don't need to work on another project. Just ... no.

From the One More from the Apocalypse Dept.

Probably trying to get away from the bed bugs.

From the Early Age of Motoring Dept.

Cute couple. Couple of what, I'm not sure.

From the Hey, Who's the Barber Dept.

Watching reality TV produces the same general effect.

From the Muslim Metal Dept.

No doubt about it - this dude can wail.


  1. The Mutant Napoleonics look like they are straight out of Gamma World.
    Of course, everything reminds me of Gamma World.

  2. Happy to be of service. I'll keep on the lookout for future material.

  3. The title "Der Autler und seine Braut" means as much as "The motorist and his bride". Thing is, I never heard the word "Autler" for someone who drives an Auto (car) before. Some old out of fashion word that sounds really strange in German ears.


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