Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chim Chimera Cheree

The chimera: lion + goat + dragon = booooring. Let’s spice this critter up a bit. First, we need the basic stats:

Chimera: HD 9; AC 4 [15]; Atk (see below); Move 9 (Fly 18); Save 6; CL/XP 11/1700; Special: Flight, plus see below.

Then we roll some random dice on the tables below to add attacks and special abilities …

Right Head and Front Body (d12)
1. Bear (Cave/Polar): 2 claws (1d6+1), 1 bite (1d10+1); gains hug attack for 3d6 damage
2. Cheetah: 2 claws (1d3), 1 bite (1d6); increases land speed by +3, can trip with claw attacks
3. Crocodile: 1 bite (1d6); replace flight speed with swim speed
4. Eagle: 2 talons (1d4), 1 bite (1d8); increases flight speed to 24
5. Hyena: 1 bite (1d3)
6. Lion: 2 claws (1d4), 1 bite (1d8)
7. Owl: 2 talons (1d8), 1 bite (1d6+1); increases flight speed to 20 and flies silently, -2 to hit in bright light
8. Tiger: 2 claws (1d4+1), 1 bite (1d8); gains swim speed of 6
9. Tyrannosaurus Rex: 1 bite (2d8); clamp down jaws and shake for auto damage in subsequent rounds [front body will be the same as rear body, not that of a T-Rex]
10. Weasel: 1 bite (2d6); clamps down and sucks blood for 2d6 damage per round
11. Wolf: 1 bite (1d4+1); can trip with bite attack
12. Wolverine: 1 bite/claw (1d6+3); +4 to attack due to ferocity

Left Head and Rear Body (d10)
1. Ankylosaurus: 1 clubbed tail (1d10); body covered with armored plates for -3 [+3] AC
2. Antelope/Gazelle: 1 gore (1d4); increases land speed by +3
3. Bison/Bull: 1 gore (1d8)
4. Boar: 1 gore (3d4); continues attacking 2 rounds after death
5. Camel: 1 bite (1d2); can spit (blind for 1 round)
6. Elephant: 1 trunk (1d8), 2 tusks (1d8); never forgets
7. Goat: 2 horns (1d4)
8. Rhinoceros: 1 horn (2d6); double damage on a charge
9. Stag, Giant: 2 antlers (1d8)
10. Triceratops: 1 gore (2d8); bony plate grants a -1 [+1] AC

Center Head (d20; chimera with gold dragon, hound archon, lammasu and unicorn heads are Lawful)
1. Basilisk: 1 bite (1d8); petrifying gaze
2. Blink Dog: 1 bite (1d6); teleport
3. Bulette: 1 bite (3d6); body has bony plates for -2 [+2] AC and replaces flight with burrow speed
4. Cockatrice: 1 bite (1d3); petrifying bite
5. Coeurl: 1 bite (1d8); displacement effect
6. Dragon (breath weapon is 3/day for 3d8 damage)
     1. Black: 1 bite (3d4); spits acid
     2. Blue: 1 bite (3d4); breathe lightning
     3. Gold: 1 bite (3d4); breathe fire or chlorine gas
     4. Green: 1 bite (3d4); breathe poison gas
     5. Red: 1 bite (3d4); breathe fire
     6. White: 1 bite (3d4; breathe frost
7. Dragonne: 1 bite (2d6+1); roar weakens those who hear it
8. Gorgon: 1 gore (2d6); petrifying breath
9. Hell Hound: 1 bite (1d6); breathe fire 3/day for 3d8 damage and immune to fire
10. Hound Archon: 1 bite (1d8+2); cast spells (bless, continual flame, detect evil, protection from evil)
11. Hydra: 1 bite (1d6); regenerate 2 heads if head not destroyed by fire
12. Lamia: Has a female torso in place of a central head; spells (charm monster and suggestion), touch drains a point of wisdom permanently
13. Lammasu: Spells (dimension door, invisibility x2, protection from evil, 10’ radius)
14. Nightmare: 1 bite (1d8); breathe brimstone smoke (-2 to hit), become incorporeal
15. Rust Monster: 2 antennae (corrode metal, destroying it)
16. Stirge: 1 proboscis (1d3); drains 1d4 blood per round automatically with proboscis hit
17. Unicorn: 1 horn (1d8); teleport, double damage for charge
18. Vrock: 1 beak (1d6); cause darkness, immune to fire, magic resistance (50%)
19. Winter Wolf: 1 bite (1d6+1); breathe frost 1/turn (10’ range, 4d6 damage)
20. Yith Hound: 1 bite (1d6+1); bay (cause fear within 100 ft), magic resistance (10%)

Tail (d20; increase challenge level by 1 if the creature has a special tail)
1-16. None or per rear body
17. Manticore Tail: 6 tail spikes (1d6) per round, range 180 ft.
18. Scorpion Tail: 1 sting (1d4 + lethal poison)
19. Skunk Tail: Spray musk
20. Snake Tail: 1 bite (1 hp + lethal poison)


  1. like it, although whenever I see a list like this the Devil from Time Bandits pops into my head, saying "half oyster? Half carrot?"

  2. In all my years of playing RPGs, I've never gotten to fight a normal chimera, much less a hyena/ankylosaurus/lamia one. Sniff, sniff.

  3. Mmmmmmmm. That's nice. :D

  4. Love this. I am sure that the next time a chimera is fought in one of my games the players will WTH it!


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