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Secret Society of the Straight Arrow [MM!/Target12]

The SSSA is a clandestine gathering of super heroic marksmen in the world of Shore City. Based in a chateau in the Swiss Alps, the SSSA looks for people in need who cannot rely on the authorities in their part of the world to help them (those authorities often being the source of the distress). When such a situation is discovered, the call goes out to two or three of the marksmen, who assemble in the chateau, receive their briefing, and then undertake to complete their mission.

The current membership of the SSSA includes Shore City’s own Swiftarrow as well as the dean of heroic marksmen and the founder of the society, The Arrow. Other members are: Spider, Marksman, Red Panther, Diana the Huntress, Scarlet Arrow, Green Knight, Gunmaster, Scarlet Arrow and Young Robin Hood. Their most persistent foe is Nazi agent Armbrust (or “Crossbow”, in English).

NOTE: These heroic stats use a modified profile inspired by Target 12. In essence, I’m experimenting with producing a Target 12 version of Mystery Men! next year, and this is the result of that experiment. In essence, Target 12 MM! would fold Constitution into Strength and Intelligence and Will into Mentality, and instead of spending XP for powers, you would spent Hit Dice, with powers arranged in levels of Heroic (costs 1 HD), Super Heroic (2 HD) and Cosmic (3 HD). Science is now purchased as a Heroic, Super Heroic or Cosmic power slot costing one Hit Dice more than a normal power of that level. Sorcery works the same, costing two Hit Dice more than a normal power of that level. Flawed powers cost 1 HD less than normal, with flawed Heroic Powers costing ½ a Hit Dice. In this iteration, Hit Dice are always D6, with the character’s Strength score being added to the hit point total.

The Arrow
Creator: Paul Gustavson (1938)

The first of the heroic archers of modern times (and the world’s third known mystery man), the Arrow is Ralph Payne, a federal agent who went undercover to more effectively fight crime. The Arrow is also a member of the Justice Foundation, based in Washington D.C.

With Target 12, I would have to modify some of the powers. In the above, the normal Super Ability power, which increases a score by +1 per 1,000 XP spent, now is divided into Super Ability I (+3 to ability score), Super Ability II (+6 to ability score) and Super Ability III (+12 to ability score), bringing ability scores from a 1-30 range to a 1-18 range.

Diana the Huntress
Creator: Burton Geller (1944)

The Roman goddess of the hunt, Diana now fights earthbound villainy with the help of her fellow gods and heroes.

Green Knight
Creator: Al Plastino (1941)

American millionaire and sportsman Denis Knight was inspired by the chivalrous knights of Arthur’s Round Table to become a modern defender of justice. His sidekick is Lance Cooper, a young lad he saved from the depredations of a vampire in the Everglades.

Creator: Unknown (1945)

Descended from Kattak Po, the Tibetan monk who invented firearms, Dumas, like his ancestors before him, is dedicated to fighting the crime and violence they believe resulted from the invention of their ancestor. He is capable of communing with those ancestors, the Circle of Elders.

Creator: Bob Powell and Ed Cronin (1942)

A nobleman, Baron Povalsky becomes a hero fighting the Nazi invaders by taking on the identity of Major Hurtz, a spy. At war’s end, he continued to fight for his country’s independence from the Soviets, and once that was secured he became a costumed crime fighter.

Red Panther
Creator: Taylor Martin & Arthur Peddy (1940)

The Red Panther, whose true name is unknown, receives his costume from a tribal chief in Africa. The costume is made from the pelt of a mystic red panther, and confers incredible abilities on its wearer.

Scarlet Arrow
Creator: Bob Powell (1947)

Alan Bidell is a champion archer and football player who takes on the identity of an ancestor to fight crime.

Creator: Paul Gustavson (1940)

Millionaire playboy Tom Hallaway becomes the archer called the Spider to eliminate crime from the world. He is assisted by his valet and sidekick, Chuck, and drives a custom sedan called the Black Widow.

Creator: Unknown (1945)

Swiftarrow is secretly John Dart, crusading editor of the Weekly Star. He uses the fighting prowess learned as a commando and his expertly crafted crossbow and special arrows to fight crime in the roughest parts of town. He is also a member of Shore City’s Golden Gladiators.

Young Robin Hood
Creator: Unknown (1942)

Billy Lackington is the scion of one of New York’s wealthiest families. A skilled archer, he decides to use this skill to fight for the poor and oppressed. His “merry men” are three local street kids, Fatso, Shorty and Freckles – also known as Friar Tucker, Little John and Big Doc. Doc died in action, but the others continue to help Billy in his crusade against evil.

Armbrust (Crossbow)
Creator: Fred Guardineer (1943)

Armbrust is a Nazi agent who often battled the Marksman during the war. He is now an agent of the Fascovia dictatorship.


Information and image from Public Domain Super Heroes Wiki.

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