Friday, July 1, 2011

Mu-Pan - Eastern Encounter II

A couple more Mu-Pan encounters.

4043. Natural Bridge: The mountains give way to a deep gorge here. Terrible, ghostly cries emanate from the bottom of the gorge – actually just wind drafts – which lies 300 feet below. A natural bridge crosses the 80-ft wide gorge, but lies 60 feet below the lip. One can get to the bridge (without the use of the rope – watch those crosswinds) by locating the entrance to a cave about 30 feet behind the lip of the gorge.

The cave entrance is really just a hole in the ground, but the hole can easily be climbed and leads to a small tunnel decorated with friezes of dancing saints. The tunnel leads to the bridge, which is about 4-ft wide with slightly rounded sides. The other side of the bridge has a similar tunnel arrangement.

The bridge is meant only for the righteous (i.e. Lawful). The friezes come alive and attack chaotics and neutrals that enter the tunnels. The friezes from the other side of the bridge join in on this attack.

4101. Soot Fairies: An ancient foundry rests here, surrounded by crumbling black walls with tall smokestacks still reaching for the sky. The old building is surrounded by piles of slag and overgrown with sunflowers. The foundry is inhabited by thirty tiny fairy creatures that look as though they were made of blackened, shriveled matchsticks, with bulbous heads and ugly faces. The mere touch of these creatures causes flammables to ignite and skin to blister. The creatures hide a treasure of thirty large jaspers (worth a total of 500 gp) hidden beneath a pile of ash, along with 100 gp worth of iron ingots (weighs about 1,000 pounds).

| Soot Fairies: HD 1d4; AC 3 [16]; Atk 1 touch (1d6); Move 6 (F15); Save 18 (15 vs. magic); CL/XP 2/30; Special: Touch ignites flammables, cough clouds of burning ash (per spell incendiary cloud) once per day.


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  1. I like the idea about only Lawful characters being permitted to cross the bridge. Interesting. Do you have stats for the friezes, or are you leaving it up to the ref to decide?

  2. I actually haven't written the stats yet. I'll probably use the dergenue stats in the 0E Monster Compendium or maybe just make some up. The beauty of 0E and its clones is that you can make up your own stats on the fly.


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