Tuesday, January 31, 2012

X Minus 3 Days Until Space Princess Launch

Down to the nitty gritty! Here's a quick preview of what I have in store ...

Cover illustration by Allen Anderson - too beautiful not to use!

There are three "species" in Space Princess: Human, Robot and Alien. Alien's are built from scratch by choosing from one of ten types and one of fourteen powers - so I guess technically the game has 140 alien species to choose from.

There are five classes in the game - Psychic, Scientist, Scoundrel, Space Ranger and Star Warrior. Creating a new class, if you like, should be a snap.

"Magic items" in Space Princess are called "Super Science". There is a selection of 37 described in the game, but more could be added with ease. Twelve of them are land vehicles.

The rules for space battles just cover escapes from the forces of the Dark Lord. Seven spaceships are described, from the tiny starfighters to the massive dreadnaughts.

The rules of play take all of 4 pages. Essentially, you get time, movement, task resolution and combat. The point of the game is to be rules lite, and I think I've accomplished that at least.

The game has 108 monsters in the following categories: Astonishing Aliens, Fantastic Beasts, Living Dead, Men and Spacemen, Mutant Freaks, Rampaging Robots and Weird Entities. They include rules for randomly generating alien animals. You'll find some old standbys of fantasy gaming and some new critters inspired by science-fiction films and stories.

The game looks like it's going to come in at about 48 pages, which means it should sell for $10.

Special thanks to Jason Sholtis for contributing some spectacular art to the project. Check out his art at Underworld Ink, and his The Dungeon Dozen blog as well.


  1. Another classy product from the house of NOD!

  2. This is so awesome that I literally do not have words to say how awesome this is. $10 is a STEAL!

  3. Incredible. Is the $10 for a print edition?

  4. I'm pretty sure I can do $10 for the print edition. I don't want to swear on it on Obi Wan's grave, mind you, but I used the cost calculator at Lulu, and $10 seems right.

  5. Superb - the current voucher I've got holds true until 11:59pm, Feb 3 (UK time), so hopefully I'll be able to snag that and NOD 12 in the same bundle ;-)

    1. I will endeavor to hurry my butt up and get it finished.

    2. Seriously, though, not on my account ;)

  6. You have a guaranteed sale here, my man. I've REALLY enjoyed your NOD publication (and the blog, of course).

  7. I'd buy it just for the cover alone! But, seriously, it looks great.

  8. I feel the need for a Lulu order coming up...

    Matt, your stuff is awesome.
    Pars Fortuna, Mystery Men: great ideas with a great eye for visual design.
    Your games may be old-schoolish but your layout is crisp and modern.

  9. Will there be a pdf edition or just print? I've been waiting for this one!

  10. PDF and print.

    And thanks Greyhawk - I just aim for clarity. Besides which, I do all my layout in MS Word, so I can't get too fancy.


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