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Druid Spells - Level 6 and 7

The following is Open Game Content.

Druid Spell List

Level 6
1. Animal Summoning VI
2. Antilife Shell
3. Find the Path*
4. Fire Seeds
5. Move Earth
6. Spellstaff
7. Stone Tell
8. Wall of Stone **

Level 7
1. Animal Summoning VII
2. Animate Plants
3. Control Weather*
4. Earthquake*
5. Fire Storm
6. Part Water*
7. Sunburst
8. Transmute Metal to Wood
9. Whirlwind
10. Wind Walk*

* As cleric spell of same name
** As magic-user spell of the same name

Animal Summoning VI
Spell Level: Druid, 6th Level
Range: 90 ft.
Duration: 1 round per level

This spell functions like animal summoning I, except that you can summon one 6th-level creature, 1d3 5th-level creatures of the same kind, or 1d4+1 lower-level creatures of the same kind.

1 Bear, Grizzly
2 Crocodile, Giant
3 Leech, Giant (5 HD)
4 Skunk, Giant
5 Snake, Giant, Viper or Cobra
6 Wasp, Giant

Animal Summoning VII
Spell Level: Druid, 7th Level
Range: 90 ft.
Duration: 1 round per level

This spell functions like animal summoning I, except that you can summon one 7th-level creature, 1d3 6th-level creatures of the same kind, or 1d4+1 lower-level creatures of the same kind.

1 Bear, Prehistoric or Polar
2 Hippopotamus
3 Komodo Dragon, Giant
4 Rhinoceros
5 Snake, Giant, Constrictor
6 Tiger
7 Tiger, Sabre-Tooth
8 Wolverine, Giant

Animate Plants
Spell Level: Druid, 7th Level
Range: 60 ft
Duration: 1 round per level

You imbue inanimate plants with mobility and a semblance of life. Each animated plant then attacks whomever or whatever you designate. You may animate one large or smaller plant, or an equivalent number of larger plants, per three caster levels. You can change the designated target or targets as you wish. This spell does not affect plant creatures or nonliving vegetable matter.

Small Plant: HD 1d4, AC 7 [12]; Atk 1 slam (1d2); Move 6; Save 18; CL/XP A/5; Special: None.

Medium Plant: HD 2; AC 4 [15]; Atk 1 slam (1d4); Move 9; Save 16; CL/XP 2/30; Special: None.

Large Plant: HD 4; AC 1 [18]; Atk 1 slam (1d8); Move 12; Save 13; CL/XP 4/120; Special: None.

Antilife Shell
Spell Level: Druid, 6th Level
Range: 10 ft
Duration: 10 minutes per level

You bring into being a mobile, hemispherical field that prevents the entrance of most types of living creatures. The effect does not work against creatures from beyond the Material Plane, the undead or constructed creatures like golems or living statues.

Fire Seeds
Spell Level: Druid, 6th Level
Range: Touch
Duration: 10 minutes per level

This spell turns acorns or holly berries into weapons that detonate on your command. As many as four acorns turn into special weapons that can be hurled as far as 100 feet. A ranged attack roll against an AC 9 [10] is required to strike the intended target. Together, the acorns are capable of dealing 1d6 points of fire damage per caster level, divided up among the acorns as you wish. Each acorn explodes upon striking any hard surface. In addition to its regular fire damage, it deals 1 point of damage per die to creatures within 5 feet of the target and it ignites any combustible materials within 10 feet. A creature within this area that makes a successful saving throw takes only half damage; a creature struck directly is not allowed a saving throw.

You can also turn as many as eight holly berries into special bombs. The holly berries are usually placed by hand, since they are too light to make effective thrown weapons (they can be tossed only 5 feet). If you are within 200 feet and speak a word of command, each berry instantly bursts into flame, causing 1d8 points of fire damage +1 point per caster level to every creature in a 5-foot radius and igniting any combustible materials within 5 feet. A creature in the area that makes a successful saving throw takes only half damage.

Fire Storm
Spell Level: Druid, 7th Level
Range: 150 ft
Duration: Instantaneous

When a fire storm spell is cast, the whole area is shot through with sheets of roaring flame. The raging flames do not harm natural vegetation, ground cover, and any plant creatures in the area that you wish to exclude from damage. Any other creature within the area takes 1d6 points of fire damage per caster level.

Move Earth
Spell Level: Druid, 6th Level
Range: 600 ft
Duration: Instantaneous

Move earth moves dirt (clay, loam, sand), possibly collapsing embankments, moving hillocks, shifting dunes, and so forth. It cannot collapse or move rock formations. For every 150-square feet (up to 10 feet deep), casting takes 10 minutes. The maximum area, 750 feet by 750 feet, takes 4 hours and 10 minutes to move. This spell does not violently break the surface of the ground. Instead, it creates wavelike crests and troughs, with the earth reacting with glacier-like fluidity until the desired result is achieved. Trees, structures, rock formations, and such are mostly unaffected except for changes in elevation and relative topography. The spell cannot be used for tunneling and is generally too slow to trap or bury creatures. Its primary use is for digging or filling moats or for adjusting terrain contours before a battle. This spell has no effect on earth creatures.

Spell Level: Druid, 6th Level
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent until discharged

You store one spell that you can normally cast in a wooden quarterstaff. Only one such spell can be stored in a staff at a given time, and you cannot have more than one spellstaff at any given time. You can cast a spell stored within a staff just as though it were among those you had prepared, but it does not count against your normal allotment for a given day.

Stone Tell
Spell Level: Druid, 6th Level
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 minute per level

You gain the ability to speak with stones, which relate to you who or what has touched them as well as revealing what is covered or concealed behind or under them. The stones relate complete descriptions if asked. A stone’s perspective, perception, and knowledge may prevent the stone from providing the details you are looking for. You can speak with natural or worked stone.

Spell Level: Druid, 7th Level
Range: 600 ft
Duration: Instantaneous

Sunburst causes a globe of searing radiance to explode silently from a point you select. All creatures in the globe are blinded and take 6d6 points of damage. A creature to which sunlight is harmful or unnatural takes double damage. A successful saving throw negates the blindness and reduces the damage by half.

An undead creature caught within the globe takes 1d6 points of damage per caster level, or half damage if a saving throw is successful. In addition, the burst results in the destruction of any undead creature specifically harmed by bright light if it fails its save.

The ultraviolet light generated by the spell deals damage to fungi, mold, oozes, and slimes just as if they were undead creatures.

Sunburst dispels any darkness spells of lower than 9th level within its area.

Transmute Metal to Wood
Spell Level: Druid, 7th Level
Range: 600 ft
Duration: Instantaneous

This spell enables you to change all metal objects within its area to wood. Weapons, armor, and other metal objects carried by creatures are affected as well. A magic object made of metal effectively has spell resistance equal to 50% against this spell. Artifacts cannot be transmuted. Weapons converted from metal to wood take a –2 penalty on “to hit” and damage rolls. The armor bonus of any armor converted from metal to wood is reduced by 2. Weapons changed by this spell splinter and break on any natural attack roll of 1 or 2, and armor changed by this spell loses an additional point of armor bonus every time it is struck with a natural attack roll of 19 or 20. Only limited wish, miracle, wish, or similar magic can restore a transmuted object to its metallic state.

Spell Level: Druid, 7th Level
Range: 600 ft
Duration: 1 round per level

This spell creates a powerful cyclone of raging wind that moves through the air, along the ground, or over water at a speed of 60 feet per round. You can concentrate on controlling the cyclone’s every movement or specify a simple program. Directing the cyclone’s movement or changing its programmed movement is a standard action for you. The cyclone always moves during your turn. If the cyclone exceeds the spell’s range, it moves in a random, uncontrolled fashion for 1d3 rounds and then dissipates. You can’t regain control of the cyclone, even if comes back within range. Any creature that comes in contact with the spell effect must succeed on a saving throw or take 3d6 points of damage. A human-sized or smaller creature that fails its first save must succeed on a second one or be picked up bodily by the cyclone and held suspended in its powerful winds, taking 1d8 points of damage each round with no save allowed. You may direct the cyclone to eject any carried creatures whenever you wish, depositing the hapless souls wherever the cyclone happens to be when they are released.


Done with the druid!

Next post will detail the Gods of Nabu (i.e. Egyptian deities). After that, I begin with my next set of sandbox posts in the lands of Venatia - knights, peasants, thick woods full of fairies and dragons and foreboding mountains filled with giants and ogres.

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