Monday, June 14, 2010

Travelers from Space

Travelers of Space was a sci-fi anthology published in 1951. Today, Golden Age Comic Book Stories presented a collection of aliens that were illustrated in that work. My two favorites are "Slot Eyes" and "Beminbra". Slot Eyes looks like a dashing alien philosopher-knight, or perhaps his planet's equivalent of Evil Knievel. Beminbra is who I would cast for a pulp make-over of the Star Wars franchise. These guys are begging for stats, so I might have to come up with something - completely divorced from the stories in which they appear, of course, since I've never read them. You could really build a campaign involving alien adventurers in a fantasy setting, trying to figure out the strange and unwholesome customs of the humans while bashing heads and gathering coins so they can repair their starship.

Slot Eyes and Beminbra


  1. Cool pics...and actually cool alien designs for the era.

  2. Awesome! The possibility of running a retro-SF one-shot just came up and I've just started looking for sources of inspiration. Way to get me started.


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