Saturday, June 19, 2010

NOD #2 Now Available For Sale! Really!

NOD #2 is available for sale on Lulu today! I fixed the issues I was having with Lulu - well mostly. The book is $9, the PDF download $4.00. You can click the cover image in the upper right hand corner of this blog to get to my Lulu storefront.

Here's a peek at what you'll find inside ...

Ophir, a Fantasy City With More Than 60 Encounters

Ideas on Running Urban and Wilderness Adventures

An Easy to Use Naval Combat System (see below, some art to the right)

Thieves & Assassins

Alternate Treasures (with an adventuring merchant class called The Venturer)

A Preview of Pars Fortuna - three strange race-classes

Weapons for Fantasy Games

14 Magic Candles

The Scientist Class - with several sample inventions

The Elan - a race-class of cosmic psychic warriors

And a bit of George MacDonald's classic fantasy novel Phantastes. I'll be serializing it in NOD and adding to it some sidebars with stats for using things from the story in your games. MacDonald was a major inspiration of C. S. Lewis and Tolkein, and he was Lewis Carroll's mentor.


The naval combat system is one I originally designed for C&C, revamped for S&W. It is a mostly narrative system, meaning you don't need miniatures and you don't need to know anything about naval combat to play it.

Each ship has a short stat block. The meat of it comes down to maneuverability, attacks and targets.

Maneuverability is like initiative. The ship that gets it can choose to distance itself from the other ship or close with it. It also determines who attacks first.

The attacks are based on the ship's weapons - ballistae, archers, crossbowmen, cannon, etc. Each attack for has a strength associated with it - essentially an attack bonus.

The targets are things like the sails, the hull, the crew and the other ship's weapons. Each target has an Armor Class. Beat the Armor Class and you destroy or disable the target. Come close to beating the Armor Class, and you score a hit. Hits make future attacks against a target easier, and might cause some collateral damage as well.

There are also guidelines on how far ships can travel in a day, repairs and how spells work within the system. Hopefully it will prove useful - if I can ever get NOD #2 into circulation.



  1. You're a gaming goodness machine, man! You're rate and quality of output is always impressive. I look forward to checking out the second issue.

  2. Hi there!

    I just wanted to buy your magazines on
    Strangely, it is only possible to get ground shipping with #1, but not #2. Could you maybe check that?
    I live in Germany, and I want to use the coupon GRATISGROUND305 to save over 25$. Thanks.


  3. I will definitely check into that. Stay tuned.

  4. We figured it out, should now be solved. Thanks for the business!


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