Friday, June 4, 2010

Notes from my publishing empire ...

I'm working on getting NOD #1 on Lulu, both as a free download and a hard copy one could purchase if they were so inclined. I've actually ordered a hard copy for myself to see how it looks - so far, my cover redesign using their system is not thrilling me, though my own cover design didn't thrill me either.

NOD #2 is about half finished. I need to finish some writing and editing and add some art. If anyone out there is interested in throwing in an advert for something, let me know. So far, contents look like ...

- Ophir - with about double the encounters that were here on the blog - this will be the feature of the issue

- Trade Goods - I've done some heavy revisions on the trade goods post and added a Trader NPC class to round it out

- My article on weapon abilities, plus some info on armor, plus some art depicting many different kinds of weapons (the art is taking a while to produce, bit I'm liking the way it turned out)

- Thief and Assassin classes

- Scientist class, along with some sample inventions of different sizes

- A preview of three race/classes from PARS FORTUNATM

-A serialization of George MacDonald's Phantastes, a story about a man wandering the lands of Fairie - I'm going to include "pop-ups" in the story with stats and other RPG-related ideas for using the literature in your game. I'm hoping to do this with other public domain adventure and fantasy stories as well.

- The "Urban Adventures" and "Wilderness Adventures" blog posts, cleaned up a bit

- The "Books & Scrolls" post, also cleaned up a bit

- A collection of magic candles

- Maybe, if there is room, a narrative naval combat system I worked up a while back - it lets the players take control of naval combat and is accessible to people who know next to nothing about naval wargaming.

I might be forgetting something, but that gives you an idea. I'm hoping to have it ready for download and print on Lulu by the 14th

For the blog, I'm going to continue posting material on Nabu, including the southern chunk of the map and its encounters and an article on the beastman tribes who dwell along the River of Death. I'm also going to post druid and illusionist classes, along with spells. Then, maybe I'll take a poll and see what chunk of Nod people want to see next - south into the jungles of Cush, north into the hills and forests of Venatia, etc.



  1. ~sigh~ something else to add to the Lulu cart. J/k!!

    I really like your work and I prefer hardcopy anyway. :)

  2. Looking forward to picking it up I enjoy reading your work, you have a very fertile imagination. I wish I was one third as prolific as you.


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