Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inspirational Art - Quirky Fantasy Art

There is a style of quirky, comical art that I really adore. It has a way of putting me in a happy place, full of wonder at the little details and the placement of lines on a page. I would love to see an RPG illustrated in such a style*, but fear I would be in a minority in that respect. Anyways - Mattias Adolfsson and Kennon Jamesare good examples of this kind of artist - very creative and very skilled at hatching their vision on a piece of paper. Here are a few examples of their work ...

Matthias Adolfsson

Kennon James

* Wouldn't it be cool to merge an old school RPG like Swords & Wizardry with the art book concept. Different copies of S&W illustrated entirely by a single artist. So, you would have the Frazetta S&W and the Russ Nicholson S&W and the Arthur Rackham S&W, etc. In the words of Bare Naked Ladies, if I had a million dollars ...


  1. Arthur Rackham - giving children nightmares since 1897

  2. I think both of these guys would be great rpg artists for the right project.

  3. Awesome, thanks for posting these. I love seeing other peoples art work. It's always inspiring.


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