Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Sales Report

In case folks are interested in how much product I'm actually moving ...

NOD #1 (e-book) - FREE - 371 downloads

NOD #1 (print) - $9.00 - 6 sales

NOD #2 (print) - $9.00 - 5 sales

NOD #2 (e-book) - $4.00 NOW $3.50 - 5 sales

You might detect a slight drop off between FREE and $4.00. Heck, I'm just happy that I've sold anything, and maybe when the economy gets a bit healthier I might sell a few more units. I've actually reduced the price of the NOD #2 e-book to $3.50 to see if that will stimulate some activity. I'm also working to get my stuff on and I'm checking out a different Print-On-Demand website that is affiliated with I think I'm also going to create "frugal yankee" editions of the print books to sell alongside the normal editions. By using different paper I can reduce the price, but the frugal editions won't be available for ground shipment outside the USA. So, cheaper for we yanks, more expensive for everyone else.

UPDATE - Sold one more e-book today. Thank you, kind consumer, whoever you are!


  1. 15 sales with a regular audience of 49 (based on followers) is AMAZINGLY GOOD.
    15 sales compared to 365 downloads is still really good.
    Keep making the quality of goods you wish to make and you'll keep getting customers.

  2. There are probably some people (like me) they intend to buy the second issue, but just haven't got around to it it, so there's that, too.

  3. Believe me - I'm not complaining. I'm quite happy with how things are proceeding, and I'm definitely pressing forward. Should have #3 out in about 3 weeks.

  4. JD and Trey have it right. Considering its only been a month and you are in a niche of a niche market you are doing really really well .

    Also being PDF/POD as the months roll on old products will sell too. When the economy stops attacking me (the claw, claw, bite routine is nasty) I plan to play catch up and Nod #2 will be at the top of my list.

  5. I am waiting with my purchase of the printed issues until my next Lulu order (the shipping charges are a bit high in Europe), so expect two more sales. :)

  6. Melan: Thanks - I've always enjoyed your work.

  7. I bought both issues from and am now am waiting for them to arrive.
    Maybe you should advertise your magazine a little more, there are threads on different online forums where you can do that:

    This is only for OSRIC, but maybe you can also post there:

    As for the shipping to Europe:
    I am mostly using the cheapest shipping method, which is not trackable and which is not GROUND-shipping. The GROUND shipping this time was just so that I can use a coupon to get free shipping. I have the impression that when you offer your things on lulu in a different size (like digest), the shipping skyrockets, maybe because they cannot print that in europe. So as long as you offer "normal" sizes, you should be fine with orders from europe.

    So, when is issue #3 comin out? :-)

  8. Listen to Mr. Castle... I only found out about the magazine today, by accident, and I am a regular reader of quite a few other old school RPG blogs. Advertise it!

  9. Thanks Mr. Castle - some good ideas there. I did post on the Swords & Wizardry and Dragonsfoot forums (and I feared posting on Knights-n-Knaves - sometimes they seem a bit cranky), but I'll check out Goblinoid Games.

    Issue #3 should be out in a couple weeks - we'll see how quickly I can finish up the articles and layout.

  10. I checked, and you didn't post in the thread on dragonsfoot I mentioned.
    Do yourself a favour and post there, it is the most complete collection of OSR-stuff, and I regularly check there. I assume other do it also-

  11. I posted on the general forum on Dragonsfoot probably about a month ago. When I get a chance, I'll see about moving my post to the folder.


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