Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weapon Art

I've been working on some simple illustrations for an article on weapons in NOD #2. Not the greatest stuff in the world, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Clubs, Staves and Maces

Axes, Picks and Chopping Blades


  1. Woah, what's #26 on top? Giant porkchop of death?

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  3. Lets try this again shall we?

    If Nod #2 is as good as Nod #1 I'll be a happy gamer.

    Besides your art is pretty decent, it kind of reminds me of the old Palladium Weapon and Armor books.

    Mine OTOH, well maybe I'll scan some of it one day and let everyone make mock.

  4. Axes 2 & 7 were just on The Deadliest Warrior. It's an incredibly stupid show, but worth checking out. (If that isn't already the reason for their inclusion.)

  5. My main rule for inclusion was - can I find a picture of it online. I have the aforementioned Palladium book (and blogged about it a while back), so I knew I couldn't just base my drawings on the drawings in that book without inviting problems. If I could find a picture of the weapon online, and if it was interesting, I did my best to render it.

  6. Very cool. Have you seen the Diagram Group's book of weapons? (ISBN = 9780312039509, see Amazon or Barnes & Noble). They have similar charts for various periods, and also a huge assortment of line drawings of weapons.

    Telecanter's been posting links to some great weapon books too -- see Telecanter's receding rules, a most excellent blog.


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