Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Purple Worm strikes in Guatamala

Looking for a quick way to get your adventurers into a mythic underworld? They will never see this one coming. And it will take more than 50 feet of rope to get out.

And for the record - I think it looks fake, though I might be wrong.

Edit - I've seen more on the story, and it is apparently (and unfortunately) real. I just wondered because of how perfectly circular the hole looks. Sounds like a horrific event.


  1. Yeah, that's a pretty amazing picture...

  2. My current dungeon, I had intended the hook to be that a sinkhole open sup beneath a farmhouse and the PC's are the only folks in the village who might climb down and search for survivors. Inside, they woudl have found evidence that some for the family had been dragged off by...something.

    Didn't work out that way in practice, but still seems like a good idea for why the PC's are the only ones spelunking the thing.

  3. You could also twist the traditional "you all meet in a tavern" bit and use a "dimensional sinkhole". Everyone goes to sleep one night in Greyhawk or CSIO and wakes up on an ashen plain under an amber-colored sky, or within a vast subterranean vault in a steamy jungle beneath an artifical sun, in the completely intact inn. Maybe there are some interesting folk in the inn who now become ad hoc henchmen (or antagonists).

  4. I'd be interested to find out the physics behind that sink-hole. What do you think they'll find at the bottom?!


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