Monday, December 13, 2010

Coming Up For Air ...

It's been a busy weekend - daughter's birthday party ('80s them, because, you know, the '80s was a looong time ago - feeling elderly now) and working on getting NOD #6 out. In the process, I made a quick index to some of the monsters, races, classes and spells that have appeared in the series so far. You can find it on Google Docs HERE if you're interested. I think there's supposed to be some way I can embed it in Blogger, but I haven't figured it out yet. When I do, I'll just make a new page on this blog with the index. So - hopefully by the 14th (late) or 15th (early) I can have the last issue of 2010 published, and then get to work on Mystery Men!, Hexcrawl Classics #3 and NOD #7. Like anyone in real estate will tell you, it's a good thing to be busy!


Oh - current line-up for NOD #6: Western Venatia, Gods of the Motherlands, The Traveler PC Class, Random Owlbear Tables, Holiday Magic, Phantastes, Pleasure Palace of Izrigul (3rd Level).


Pictured - The coat of arms of Antigoon, City of the Sun made with Inkwell Idea's Coat of Arms Design Studio.


  1. Don't think of the 80's themed party as being because it was a long time ago, it's because the 80's were so awesome.

  2. Yeah, I think the 80s just look awesome with the right backward looking lens. I wasn't so fond myself--at least when I compare though with my college years in the 90s.'re like a one man publishing empire! Good stuff coming up.

  3. My daughter was talking about having an 80's party also and I told her " I've still got clothes from the 80's" she said "wow, they must be really old"...

  4. Not so fond of the '80s? Dude - Moldvay Basic!

    Yeah, the '80s is as long ago to her as the '50s were to me when I was her age, but then I was a WW2 fanatic as a kid, so I understand the interest in "old stuff". My wife and I have introduced her to music, movies, TV etc from just about every era, so she's pretty well grounded in the past.


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