Friday, December 3, 2010

Deviant Friday - Dario Carrasco Edition

Dario, Darry on DeviantArt, is a comic book guy - and if I'm being honest he mostly draws characters I'm unfamiliar with. This isn't a knock on Dario, because my comic book reading days are waaaay behind me - Batman and Captain America were still alive (wait, are they still dead at the moment? Maybe they should resurrect the characters in each others bodies as a company cross-over event!), Spider-Man was still married to Mary Jane, Venom was still cool, Hulk was in a grey period, etc. In fact, Dario's renditions of these characters pique my interest in them, so good on him. Dario has a nice selection of work, from fantasy to steampunk to pulp-style heroes - enjoy!

No Sonja or Dejah this week, but we do have a Sonja-esque Blood Rayne and another half-naked character of ERB

Enjoy ladies - and never let it be said that I don't look out for my female audience (assuming I have one - let me hear from you ladies if you're out there!)


  1. Hi Matt. Thanks for stopping by. You can click the pomegranate and it will get bigger. And then from there, right click and set as desk top.

    Thanks for the visit. Happy Gaming.


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