Saturday, December 18, 2010

NOD 6 - Ready for Sale ... Finally

Well, issue #6 put up a terrific struggle, but I've finally put it into print. You can download it HERE for free, or purchase for $11 HERE. 136 pages, it includes ...

Western Venatia hexcrawl

Level 3 of the Pleasure Palace of Izrigul - an odd level both figuratively and literally

The Traveler class

Holiday Magic

Gods of the Motherlands

Another installment of Phantastes

Merry Christmas and enjoy!


  1. Order placed :) And THAT officially marks the end of my pre-Christmas (and hopefully 2010) spending!

    Have a great Christmas - and thanks for all your incredible product this year. Looking forward to Mystery Men! and pretty much everything else you've announced for 2011. Keep it up!

  2. Oh - and if you've read the work and asked yourself, why is the Western Kingdom called the Western Kingdom? the answer is simple - I have no idea. It's located to the east of Nomo, the center of the Auld Empire. It just hit me today - post putting it up for download and sale, of course, that the Western Kingdom should be the Eastern Kingdom. So - an official Land of Nod HUZZAH! to whomever can come up with a justification for why the Eastern Kingdom is called the Western Kingdom.

  3. My guess is that whoever named it The Western Kingdom was to the East of it,

    I was going to post a little diagram but the software ate it. sorry :(

  4. Are there going to be any future installments of the Pleasure Palace, or is it done now?


  5. I have one more installment plotted out - just need to find time to finish writing and space in an issue of NOD. Probably not NOD 12 or NOD 13, very good chance of NOD 14.


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