Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dungeon Delve Art

I've linked to some art contests on the ArtOrder before (i.e. mutants) - the latest contest there was about dungeon delving - lone adventurer with a light source exploring the unknown. There were 121 submissions and several were quite nice, either for the artistic skill, the little details or the fact that the dungeons these folks were exploring looked like fun! Here are some of my faves ...

Christopher Johnston

I like the look on the guys face - tired, maybe a bit demoralized, wondering how the heck he's going to get out of this alive.

Andrew Sides

This one is in the category of cool dungeon design.

Ama Busia

The look on her face says it all - "Glowing eyes - that can't be good."

Allen Douglas

Great "descent into the unknown" shot

Alex Dai

Love the light source on this one.

Nick Robles


Lake Hurwitz

Do you think a skeleton is rising out of the water behind him?

Krisztian Balla

That last step is a killer.

John Dotegowski

I like the look of terror in her eyes - "Why didn't I just stay in the woods and frolic with the other elves?"

Jeff Lee Johnson

Again - it's the look on the guy's face that sells this one. A nice departure from the overly heroic art that has dominated fantasy for the last few years.

Herman Lau

Love the style and I love the cultural references that are completely lost on me.

Dillon Yothers

Remember DM's - it's important to put in a means to skip multiple levels in your dungeon - a means that can also cause a combination of falling damage and dragon breath weapon damage is just icing on the cake.

Victor P. Corbella

Love the art style - clean, moody, interesting - good stuff.


  1. "Why didn't I just stay in the woods and frolic with the other elves?" That's pretty good. Great pictures.

  2. these pictures all have a common trend . . . lanterns. From my unreleased DMs guide

    When encountering an opponent that has night vision or infra vision (ability to sense body heat) depending on their light source the PLAYER’s party is surprised on a
    1 – 4 if candle or starlight
    1 - 3 if torch or moon light
    1 - 2 if dusk, lantern or lamp light
    and only on a 1 if daylight.

    Creatures with infra vision or night vision are only surprised on a 1 in their natural habit.
    Ranged attacks can be aimed from darkness into light without penalty; however, attacking from light to within darkness usually incurs the following modifiers . . .

    Daylight: double weapon ranges if outdoors

    Sub Optimal (-) dawn, dusk, lantern, lamp

    Moonlight (-2) full moon, torch

    Starlight (-5) moonless night, candle

    Pitch (-9) vision only possible with
    night vision or infra vision

    “I was pursued with imprecations, arrows, and rifle balls. The fact that it is difficult to aim anything but imprecations accurately by moonlight, that they were upset by the sudden and unexpected manner of my advent, and that I was a rather rapidly moving target saved me from the various deadly projectiles of the enemy and permitted me to reach the shadows of the surrounding peaks before an orderly pursuit could be organized.” (PM, I)

  3. Publish that DM's guide dude, because that's a great rule.

  4. the purpose of my 'darkness' rules is create fear of the dark; nothing worse then being surpised by a group of trolls -
    each with three flat footed attacks,
    plus initiative the next round .
    ADD my DnD critical system and you are in a potential world of hurt !

    work, continuing medical education,
    horses, girls and guns (big shoot this weekend)
    keep me from sitting at my lap top

    hopefully, I will hit the TX lotto
    and be able to get items one and two off my plate

    Plan is to be in hometown/ Vegas this March; would love to sit in on a NOD game

  5. If I was running a game, you'd be in like Flynn. I more of a writer than DM these days, though I'll be doing some Mystery Men! playtesting at some point.

  6. I am fortunate,
    that I have had a regular gaming froup for the last SIX months,
    just hope that one of two GMs doesnt get a new girlfriend

  7. Yeah, guys rolling dice find it hard to compete with new girlfriends.


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