Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NODIAN delays and Dejah Thoris ...

Well, no NOD #6 yet, but I'm awfully close. Hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime, three artists I follow at DeviantArt posted Dejah Thoris pictures, so until you can read NOD #6, you can enjoy these lovelies (warning - if the first two aren't safe for work, the last one definitely isn't!)

Link only for this last one - it's a bit racy.

Oh - and I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not I now possess the Star Wars license.

Okay, I don't.


  1. I wish you would get the Star Wars the rate you churn out quality product we'd already have main game and 3 supplements on the product schedule. ;)

    And thanks for the Dejah pics.

  2. The continued existence of Jar Jar and the new trilogy would be a sticking point in the negotiations - also my lack of several thousands of dollars. However, I hope to start producing something pulp sci-fi in the near future, most likely some rules for exploring the Nodian cosmos or a sci-fi version of PARS FORTUNA.


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