Monday, August 1, 2011

Mu-Pan Eastern Encounter X

Still cranking away on this hex crawl. About 30 more encounters to write, then the overall description and encounter tables. Getting there ...

5140. Fey Samurai: A fairy knight in the trappings of a samurai has made camp here. He has been wandering the land searching for an honest man, for it is the kiss of an honest man that will awaken the Silver Maiden who sleeps beneath the mountains.

5227. Bonnacon Herd: This district is home to a large herd of bonnacon, and a somewhat flighty herd at that. The grassy hills and trees show many signs of burning, and more than a few bonnacon carcasses are evident, victims of “friendly fire”, so to speak. Long-legged buzzards constantly patrol the sky, waiting for accidents. Encounters with the herd, or at least portions of it numbering 2d6 x 20 animals, occur on a roll of 1-4 on 1d6.

Attacks on the bonnacon have a 1% chance of drawing the attention of the bonnacon lord, called Choupi by the Mu-Panese and worshipped as a minor deity of comical rudeness to authorities. Choupi appears as an old man with a large, bloated belly and long, wispy beard. He carries a staff to which is affixed three gourds.

5408. Magic Fountain: There is a limestone cavern here in which drips enchanted waters into a shallow pool stained electric blue. The water of the fountain staves off death, but only barely retards aging – perhaps halving it. At the same time, it links the drinker to the pool. Drinkers who try to leave the pool are affected as though by a geas.

Living under the cavern there is a tribe of troglodytes in service (out of fear) to the shugenja Qorchon, who dwells in the cavern, depending on its waters to keep himself alive. Qorchon is now 120 years old, and his time is growing very short.

Beneath the troglodyte caverns there is lies the body of the demon A’meggologabo imprisoned in ice.


PS - Mutant Truckers is working out pretty well. Should have a preview soon.

PPS - Still gathering players for the Mystery Men! Dark Renaissance campaign on Google +. We have about 12 people who have shown interest and four who have actually produced characters. Should be fun!

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