Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Epic Adventure in Three Rules (Dice Not Included)Image

Print this out

Image by Tom Gauld; found at Love Truth & Beauty

Roll a dice on it (or flip a coin or throw a dart)

That's what you are

The Ref does the same to pick the antagonist of the epic tale

Anything you want to do that your character should be good at, you do on a roll of 1-4; everything else you do on a roll of 1-2

The size of the dice depends on the difficulty - usually it's a d6, but the Ref can make it bigger if what you're trying to do is harder, more epic, more dramatic or more final

Opposed rolls (like combat) are just that - whoever rolled the highest and still succeeded on her roll wins; oh, and opposed actions must always be prefaced by, "Oh yeah? Well I ..." or they don't count.

All done!

DUDE - POST 900!


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