Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Holy Freaking Crud - Rome, In All It's Cartographic Glory

Yeah - cheap little post today - have lots of real work (you know, the stuff I get paid for) going on that I need to address. In the meantime, I just stumbled across ORBIS, a mapping site that is trying to bring Imperial Rome into the 21st century.

I can't help but think this would be a useful thing for folks running campaigns set in the Roman, or even post-Roman era. Hell, if you can't find a way to use this in almost any fantasy campaign, there's a really good chance you shouldn't be running a campaign. If they could just integrate some wandering monster tables, we'd be all set.

I mean - you got travel times, routes, the freaking cost in silver pieces - you can choose donkey travel vs. wagons, military vs. civilian ships, the month of travel, the route, whether you want it cheap or fast. Astounding!

I might chime in later today with another Hell preview, and I'm still working on more monsters for Mother Goose & Goblins. I also hope to produce a small dungeon for it. Oh - and the Pars Fortuna dungeon - I need to work on that as well. Plenty to do!


  1. Cool. Thanks for posting this. Orbis looks like it could cost us a few hours...

  2. That is a fantastic resource. Thanks for sharing it.


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