Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Gods of the Future! [Quickie]

Found a few images today that serve well as gods of the future that might travel back to hassle pseudo-medieval adventurers ...

God of Telephonics

and thus also god of telemarketers and family

His priests wear rotary dials as amulets and wear armor woven from copper wire (equivalent to chainmail), and are capable of casting message by sacrificing a silver piece.

Goddess of Automobiles

and thus also goddess of freedom, getting laid and blood on the asphalt

Her priests wear gloves, buff coats and goggles over their armor, and the men are expected to cultivate glorious full mustaches; they bear the holy spoked wheel on their round shields and can cast stinking cloud once per day

Goddess of Aeroplanes

and thus also goddess of travel, air sickness and tiny bags of peanuts

Her priests and priestesses wear golden wing pins on their blue tunics and can cast fly once per day, but must be sitting in a cart or wagon to do so - they spell effects the cart rather than the priest or priestess; in addition, the priestesses can cast create peanuts and coffee or tea (a variation of create food and water) once per day, but only while in flight

The first image is from Love Truth Beauty


  1. Cool. I could see these being minor eikones of the City.

  2. Mah post done vanished. Somethin I said ?

  3. No - I saw it in my email, so I came here to respond with a Pat Harrington reference, and it wasn't here. I thought maybe you'd removed it, though I couldn't figure out why. Perhaps you offended ... you know who.


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