Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Grab Bag

A grab bag of digital flotsam and jetsam that has floated past my perch on the cliffs that overlook the vastness of the World Wide Web ...

Pirates + Goofy Headgear = Pirates in Goofy Headgear

The Victual Brothers were Baltic pirates who, frankly, would be much less groovy if they called themselves "The Baltic Pirates". Likewise, every D&D party should have a name, awesome, goofy or otherwise. Thanks to that rule of my game, I can now tell tales of the Tender Blades and Wyld Stallyns and their adventures in Nod.

I think every good sword school needs to be named after a saint who, technically, should have been opposed to violence. And speaking of kickass names, these lads were officially known as the Brotherhood of Our dear lady and pure Virgin Mary and the Holy and warlike heavenly prince Saint Mark. "Holy and warlike heavenly prince" - eat your heart out Cuthbert!

I'm listening to these guys at the moment. I officially endorse them as my favorite depression-era swing quintet ever!

Pole arms kick ass.

I'm color blind. Just discovered, via my daughter, that Batgirl's costume is purple. My love of her (my daughter and Batgirl) has increased immeasurably because of this.

If you thought Carrie Keagan made a spectacular Power Girl (she does), she's also easy on the eyes as Princess Allura. And if you don't know who Carrie Keagan is, then your life has been misspent (and not in the good way).

That's all for today! Over and Out!


  1. No idea who that last chick is but I do know who Lynda Carter is -- and she kicks ass.

    Have a groovy weekend :-)

  2. So what color did Batgirl's costume look before the purpling, if I may ask...?

  3. Whisk - No doubt, Lynda Carter set the standard.

    Jason - I thought it was dark blue.


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