Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crikey - Have You Seen 'Down in the Dungeons'

[A few blogger have beat me to this - I wrote it a few days ago but set it to post today. Oh well!]

This was a new one on me - check out dozens more images at Monster Brains! That, cats and kittens, is straight up D&D - unadorned, unofficial, driven by imagination and full of wonder.

Now if Risus Monkey can just turn those dungeons into some geomorphs, we've really got something!


  1. I definitely saw this in a game shop as a teenager. Great to be able to revisit it.

  2. I remember seeing that as a kid!
    I couldn't remember the name of it.
    Awesome to see it again!

  3. Never seen it before as far as I can recall, but I pronounce it awesome.

  4. That's some great stuff. Some of those make me wonder what the story was behind them. Or at the very least what the caption would be.


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