Monday, October 11, 2010

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! NOD #5 Now Available

Just got NOD #5 up and available on

In this issue of NOD: Vampires from around the world, Ibis - City of Sorcerers, The Illusionist, Medieval Mining, Level 2 of Izrigul's Pleasure Palace, Mystery Men! - converting your fantasy RPG into a comic book RPG and the continuation of George MacDonald's classic story "Phantastes". 84 pages.

$9.00 for the book, $3.50 for the e-book.

NOD #6 is scheduled for December, and in the spirit of the season will be another free download (something I hope to make a NOD tradition, assuming I can keep this thing going long enough for anything to count as a tradition).

For 2011, I'm exploring the idea of doing free downloads and just selling advertisement space - $5 full page, $3 half-page, $2 quarter page. If you're interested, let me know - in terms of circulation, NOD #1, my other free download, has been downloaded almost 670 times.


  1. I've really been impressed with the quality of these so far (what with you doing it all yourself) and this looks like another good issue.

    I might be looking for some advertisement space, too, if it looks like Weird Adventures is close to fruition.

  2. Why couldn't it have been 2 days earlier...
    I already used up my 40% Lulu coupon...


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