Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where is Your Gamma World?

Gamma World, and post-apocalyptic settings in general, are a frequent topic in the RPG blogosphere. Heck I follow more than a few sites dedicated to nothing else. Most are set in a Mad Maxian future, but when my friend Josh and I played Gamma World back in the day, we had something slightly different in mind, thanks to this ...

Rock and Rule! I still have a soft spot in my heart for this little gem. Come on, admit it - Angel is the hottest mutant to ever grace the silver screen. So, where is your Gamma World?


  1. A few parsecs from Vanth.
    Or possibly Plagueworld Gamma on the later Star Frontiers charts.

  2. This, Thundarr, Radioactive Dreams, and A Boy and His Dog are Gamma World.

  3. In the distant past of my Wilderlands, or aboard the Starship Warden.

  4. The place were Thundarr, Kamandi, Planet of the Apes, and Judge Dredd meet.

  5. Oooh, now I'm jealous. I would've totally played in this setting, particularly between 1984-1989.

    My Gamma World is currently at the intersection of every '70s dystopic enclave film ever. (THX-1138, Logan's Run, A Boy and His Dog, etc.)

  6. My last actual GW campaign was Narnia & Paranoia meet Kamandi wandering around in Deathlands


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