Sunday, August 28, 2011

Going to #&!!

Here's a first glimpse at my Hell hex crawl. Came out a little lopsided, but hey - nobody is perfect. The uppermost layer is Ante-Hell - essentially a 9th level dungeon level writ large. It is divided from Asphodel - a twilight land of rolling meadows grazed on by stench kows and populated by shades - by the river Acheron. The hexes on this one are 12-mile rather than 6-mile. It is designed to force adventurers to circumnavigate each layer to go from "entrance" to "exit". So, roll up some paladins and clerics and you can send them on the ultimate hex crawl, beginning in a couple months!


  1. Very cool!! Looking forward to this!

  2. After reading in the credits of the old Arduin books about an extended campaign to rescue a character from Hell, it has always been my dream to run this kind of adventure. Really looking forward to seeing this :D


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