Monday, August 8, 2011

Mu-Pan Eastern Encounter XII

Finally finished writing all the Mu-Pan encounters over the weekend! Now I just have to clean up the rough edges, insert some game stats here and there, write the intro stuff (regions, monster encounter tables, etc) and figure out what I want to do (or need to do) about art. I'm about 90% complete with Mutant Truckers as well - finished writing up some monster stats (all re-purposed from the d20 SRD) and just need to write a few more and then drop them into encounter tables. I'll probably do a play-through in the next few days with some folks on Google + and see if things actually work. In the meantime ...

6038. Umborodom’s Abbey: There is an ancient fortress-monastery constructed here of red bricks and tall, peaked roofs of copper. The roof is covered with hundreds of tall, copper spires that attract lightning. The monastery is dedicated to Umborodom, whose hound was the thunder. The monastery is inhabited by 16 low-level sohei and their abbess, Deneg, a temperamental woman with blue-gray eyes and a powerful hatred of the Jade Empress, who quells her lovely storms and keeps her “hounds” hungry.

The “hounds” are three lightning elementals that dwell within a golden matrix that serves as the monastery’s idol. The monastery is surrounded by a village of red brick buildings inhabited by about 150 tin miners. The mines are of ancient vintage, but still producing tin and a few tourmalines and topaz each month. Tourmalines are claimed by the sohei and topaz by the empress.

The sohei of the monastery wear blue armor and carry large, steel-shod mallets.

6111. Ghost Town: These dusty hills are crossed by numerous trails, for the hills once hosted the grand city-state of Ganiz. Ganiz is now a ghost town – literally. Travelers see wisps of people walking through ghostly streets and the outlines of buildings when one squints or looks away from the sun. The buildings and people are more pronounced in the moonlight. The people move slowly and are completely unaware of the living. They are almost certainly not undead, as they are unaffected by turning and cannot be spoken to using the speak with dead spell. Likewise, they do not seem to inhabit the Ethereal Plane, for they still appear as ghostly images in that place and the Astral Plane. Sages do not know what to make of the phenomenon and prefer to ignore it and avoid the hex.

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