Saturday, August 6, 2011

Heroes International [Mystery Men!]

Aztec Prince
Miguel Santeria was a shoe salesman in Mexico City, and as mild mannered as they come. While he fitted people for shoes and re-stocked the backroom, he dreamed of being a hero. One sunny day he got his chance. Two crooks had just broken into the recently finished Museo Nacional de Antropología and stolen an Aztec calendar made of solid gold. Making their getaway, they ducked into Miguel's shoe store to cut through to an alley. As the crooks made their way into the backroom with the police hot on their tail, Miguel happened to step around a corner holding a stack of shoes. Colliding with the lead crook, he grabbed hold of the golden calendar to steady himself. The second crook's gun was drawn, and without thinking he fired at Miguel, striking him in the arm. The force of the impact threw him to the ground, the disc still in his hands. As his blood trickled on the calendar, it activated the magic within. Instantly, the spirits of one thousand Aztec warriors flowed into Miguel, transforming him into the Aztec Prince. The newly born hero quickly dealt with the crooks, delivered them to police and then made his escape. Now, when Miguel hears of trouble, he cries the name of Quetzelcoatl and becomes Aztec Prince, hero of Latin America. His only weakness is the dark - after sunset, his powers can only be invoked for one hour. After that, they fade and cannot be called upon until the rise of the sun.

Red Baron
Hans Friedrich Richter was a German scientist and engineer impressed into working for the Nazis during the Second World War. As he neared completion on a rocket pack, he got wind through a friend that the authorities had discovered that his great-grandfather was Jewish and that they were on their way to arrest him. Hans quickly donned his armored flight suit and rocket pack and blasted his way out of his subterranean workshop. He went on to fight the Nazis in Germany and beyond with the Resistors, a band of super-powered Europeans that included the British Spitfire, Norwegian Giantess, Polish Marksman and Hungarian Blackout. After the war he improved his suit and continued to fight crime in Western Europe with the surviving Resistors. There is also speculation in the super-powered community that the Red Baron has started a private detente with Soviette (her NATO codename), a member of the USSR's Secretariat Seven.


Superhero images built using Fabrica Herois.


  1. Soviette?! Brilliant! I may have to steal that name for my 1960s campaign.

  2. For the Soviet superheroes, I came up with Russian superhero names and then NATO code names - the way NATO had "reporting names" for Russian aircraft (i.e. Fulcrum, Farmer or Bear).


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