Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Grab Bag - Better Late Than Never

Busy day - yard work and family time. Here are a few oddities I found this week ...

Golden Age of Weird Department

With a splash page like this, how bad could the story be?

Russ Nicholson is Awesome Department

Nothing clever to say here - he just is.

Smoking Airship Department

Yeah, this baby will show up in a Campaign Sketchbook in a future issue of NOD. Dreadnaughts of the Endless Blue maybe. It would be aerial dreadnaughts in the late colonial period - I'd put them in Victorian space, but somebody beat me to that idea.

Looking for Cheap Hits Department

When you're looking for page views, you can't go wrong with Power Girl. But honestly - this is one of my favorite depictions of the character ever. Image by Chris Samnee, via Comic Twart, a site you must, if you love your eyeballs and want to give them a treat, follow now!

My Daughter is a Mad Genius Department

Playing with Fabrica Herois tonight, she created Angel-Devil. Is she a saintly savior or a devilish demon ... or BOTH!?! Now we just need to work out some Mystery Men! stats.


  1. Your daughter is a genius, and is converging on Clive Barker. Pretty awesome company, in my opinion.

  2. It's never too late for the Sunday Grab Bag. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. The leaves are falling here. So pretty.

  3. We won't do autumn here in Vegas until late October - I envy you.


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