Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Resistance [Mystery Men!]

Super heroes garbed in the old red, white and blue weren't the only ones fighting the Nazis in World War II. During the early stages of the war, as the Nazi war machine ran rampant over country after country, a group of super powered freedom fighters already living on European soil came together as the resistance. After the war, they maintained their alliance as the Resistors!

Creator: John M Stater (2011)

Sigrid is literally the daughter of a frost giant, and one of the last of her kind. She was discovered when Reginald Carstairs of the RAF crashed his plane into a secluded valley in Norway. Sigrid lived there alone, tending a farmstead there, and she tended Carstairs' wounds and nursed him back to health. In the meantime, the Nazis discovered the valley and sent in an assault force to take the prisoner. Sigrid handily defeated the Nazis, but her home was destroyed. Having nothing left to do, and nursing a grudge against the Nazis, Sigrid went back to the UK with Carstairs and became the super hero known as the Giantess.

Lady Satan 
Creator: Unknown (1941)

Lady Satan was the victim of a German bombing on their cruise ship. Her fiance was killed in the attack, so she dedicated herself to destroying the Nazi menace. She primarily operates in Paris.

Creator: Bob Powell and Ed Cronin (1942)

The Marksman is Baron Povalski, a Polish noblemen who masquerades as Major Hurtz of the German army. Spying on the Nazi war machine from inside helps him to thwart their devilish schemes.

Creator: Don Rico (1941)

Blackout is Yugoslavian scientist Basil Brusilof. While working in his lab in Belgrade, it is bombed by the Germans and in the resulting explosion he becomes infused with a secret gas he was working on. The gas causes his body to grow black hair and the gas gives him a variety of powers.

Grim Reaper 
Creator: Richard E Hughes and Al Camy (1944)

The Grim Reaper is William Norris, an American student at the Sorbonne who is captured when Paris is taken. After escaping from a concentration camp, he returns to Paris to fight the Germans as the Grim Reaper.

Creator: Omar Tahan (1944)

Kismet is a Muslim who operates in the south of France, combating the infidel Nazis.

Creator: Malcolm Kildale (1941)

Black Douglas was a privateer in service to Elizabeth I, fighting pirates or sinking galleons as her majesty pleased. Two hundred years ago he is captured and set adrift by his foes, but washes ashore on a small island. On this island he finds a fountain and drinks of it. It turns out the fountain grants him immortality and super powers. It also knocks him out for a couple centuries, until he is rescued by a German u-boat crew. When he discovers they intend to attack his country, he fights back with all the powers at his disposal.


  1. Those are awesome & I do love Mystery Men! Very compact rules set without all of the BS to bog it down! Nice stuff as always

  2. Thanks! I try to keep the rules as simple as possible in everything I do - just fits my tastes to do it that way.

  3. Any chance you are going to do a characters book, with a bunch of heroes and villains in it? I'd love to see all the characters you've posted put together in a book.

  4. That's my plan. I think I'll call it "Villainy Inc - Villains for the Mystery Men! RPG (and a few heroes too!)"

  5. I was reading through the MM! rules and under the section for Knockback, it says that when a target is knocked back and they hit a solid surface, they take damage equivalent to falling damage. I can find nowhere in the rules where falling damage is discussed.

    Also, how do you handle situations involving investigations. To find clues etc., is that just a simple Feat test vs. WIS?

  6. Falling damage is indeed a mystery! I checked, and you're right. I was thinking in terms of 1d6 damage per 10 feet, and apparently forgot to actually include that in the rules.

    In terms of clues. You can use intelligence feats to find clues, but I prefer to let players find them without rolling dice whenever possible. In cases where it's a matchbook on the floor and they might miss it, an intelligence feat is the best way to go.


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