Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Purr-fect Day for a Celebration [MM!]

Happy belated birthday to Julie Newmar, the one true Catwoman in this guy's opinion. I'm a day late on her birthday, but I wanted to mention it just the same and, of course, throw in some MM! stats. Those who have followed the blog for a while might remember that Catwoman and Invisible Woman got some MM! stats very early on in the process. Since then, the rules changed quite a bit, so here's some revamped stats for one of my favorites.

And if you're going to use her in your Mystery Men! campaign, don't forget the goons, for crying out loud!

Trivia: Ms. Newmar made her own Catwoman costume.


Also - I'm two days into the Mystery Men! Dark Renaissance campaign that I'm running on Google+. It's working well so far, with slugfests in Seattle, Chicago and New York and some snooping in Washington DC. Hopefully the players are having as much fun as I am. I'll probably start some game recaps on the blog in a couple weeks - I want to make sure I don't reveal anything to players that shouldn't be revealed, and a two week lag will probably ensure that. If the campaign goes well, I'll turn it into an adventure for a future issue of NOD.


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